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In today’s market, the leadership stakes are at an all-time high for an organization’s bottom line. Today’s leadership is about so much more than performance and goals – it’s about influencing and navigating the needs of people and having the ability to positively influence the thoughts and behaviors of others so that their actions are in alignment with company and team objectives.

Who we are

We are an Executive Presence and Business Leadership Coaching Firm. With over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, we know first-hand how to help business professionals enhance their interpersonal and leadership effectiveness in order to build their executive presence and breakthrough to the authoritative place they need to be to effectively lead an organization.

What we do

Simply put - we are experts at moving people forward – forward in their careers; forward in their companies.

Who we work with

We coach C-suite leaders, mid-level managers, and high-potentials to successfully combine soft skills with hard skills to make better decisions, get superior results, and become more visible and promotable. We push far beyond the conventional standards of executive coaching to elicit long-lasting, sustainable behavioral change that ultimately increases a leader's overall effectiveness, visibility, and success.

Our Focus

Our coaching focuses on the Three Components of Executive Presence (detailed below) and ultimately…

→ Enhances High Performance

We dig deep below the surface to uncover barriers & obstacles to stronger, more effective leadership. We help leaders and high-potentials identify and update the core beliefs and habits currently creating their professional experiences.

→ Heightens Emotional Intelligence

Before a leader can effectively lead others and develop talent, he or she must know how to effectively manage him or herself. Successful leadership begins with a strong foundation of self-knowledge and awareness.

→ Improves Situational Awareness and Adaptability

Laser-sharp decision-making and the ability to act under pressure are critical must-haves in today's professional environment.

→ Increases Impact and Influence

The higher up a leader goes, the more he or she must deal with psychological and relational issues. Leaders must be prepared to manage them effectively and constructively navigate through conflict.

→ Sharpens Communication Effectiveness

To positively influence the thoughts and behaviors of others, leaders must be able to connect, build rapport, and communicate in a way that evokes the desired response.

Our Process

→ GAP Analysis & Action Planning

We work with executives and their organizations to develop a detailed and individualized road map for success. It all begins with an initial exploratory conversation after which we create an action plan and execute.

Each engagement is individually tailored and designed to meet the needs of both the individual being coached and the organization and will likely encompass most (if not all) of the following:

•   leadership/management
•   communication
•   emotional intelligence
•   relationship management
•   influence & persuasion
•   conflict management
•   change management
•   networking strategies
•   personal branding
•   image management
•   work/life balance

→ Coaching Sessions (every two weeks in an individual or group setting)

These coaching sessions target the leader's individual perceptual, developmental, and leadership needs. We have intense, one-on-one, content-rich discussions after which is a two-week period where the leader has the opportunity to put into practice his or her newly acquired knowledge and skills. Most coaching engagements are anywhere from six to twelve months.

→ Real World Application

Serving as the leader's outside counsel and strategic thought partner (independent of his or her organization), we provide a safe environment for testing ideas, practicing new behaviors, obtaining objective feedback, and helping to follow-through with accountability.

Based on our professional experience, this is the best approach to ensure our coaching clients (1) absorb the coaching content and (2) adopt new and lasting, sustainable behaviors crucial to achieving their professional objectives.

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